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Advertisment Videos

Examples of videos produced to advertise businesses on adverts and social media.

Junk Movers West Yorkshire Ad

Gardam Pest Control Ad

Double Vision West Yorkshire Ad

Finishing Design

Video Production

Professional Video Production. Developing video material showcasing the fantastic work at FDS. Videos are shared to prospective clients all over the world. FDS are ahead of competitors with a modern way to pitch to old and new customers.


Taylor Made Beauty Website

Office setup, computer order recommendation. Network and wireless printing setup. Web Design, and continuous maintenance. Designed candidate application from with backend entry for admin staff.

EJG Associates

EJG Associates Website

Website design and app integration. Candidate application, live job post widget, simple but effective communication to current and new temporary staff.

Keegan & Harrison

Keegan & Harrison Website

Website design, domain, SSL and hosting. Online booking form, live gig widget, and calendar integration. Optimised images/video to super fast loading.